The first entry into catch, clip, release!

The rains have been coming off and on over the last few weeks and currently we sit in a bank of fog. Welcome to Faugust.  There has not been enough moisture to quench the parched earth and the rivers are feeling it. 

The project has been moving forward and guides from both Blackfish Lodge and West Coast helicopters, working out of Nimmo Bay Resort, have been collecting tissue samples. 

The late summer and fall guests at Nimmo Bay are more fishing focused than early summer guests and the guides will be on the rivers regularly. 

With the recent rains there have been some major pushes of fish up the rivers. In early August Peter Barrett, owner West Coast Helicopters, watched over 4000 salmon,mostly pinks, make their way into 2 Mile pool up the Kakweiken River. 

The fish have really been affected by this dry warm summer and this have even sparked total rec. fishing bans on the lower Fraser!  Read here and here

More news to come.